“MNM CREATIONS is a non-commercial volunteer based creative group formed with the goal of bringing back the glory of Tamil stage drama while supporting community causes”

A group of creative & passionate stage drama enthusiasts with decades of experience in performing several tamil stage drama came together & formed Medai Nadaga Mandram Creations in the SF bay area in 2021.

MNM Creations mission is to create & performs Tamil stage dramas to:

  • Support community causes through fund-raising
  • Provide a platform for all (experienced & new actors) who have a passion for stage drama
  • Inspire & involve the next generation to participate in stage drama & take the baton forward

Unique highlights of MNM creations:
❖ We write our own story, screenplay and dialogues

❖ We compose our own music for each drama in professional recording theaters 

❖ We are proud of casting tamil cine/stage veterans in our dramas

For partnerships and staging our drama, contact us at emailmnmcreations@gmail.com