Crazy Mohan, born Mohan Rangachari, was a luminary in the realm of Tamil comedy and theatre, a name that invokes laughter and nostalgia for many. His genius in crafting humor that was both intelligent and heartwarming set him apart in the Indian entertainment industry.

Early Life and Beginnings

Mohan was born on October 16, 1952, in Tamil Nadu, India. He showed an early penchant for literature and drama, eventually graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy. However, his heart was set on the arts, leading him to the world of theatre, where his journey as a writer and performer began.

Theatre and Writing

Crazy Mohan's entry into theatre was marked by his founding of the troupe "Crazy Creations" in 1979. His plays, renowned for their wit and wordplay, became an instant hit. Some of his most famous plays include "Chocolate Krishna," "Maadhu +2," and "Marriage Made in Saloon." These plays, characterized by clever dialogue and situational comedy, attracted a massive following and solidified his reputation as a master playwright.

Film Career

Mohan's transition from theatre to films brought his comedic brilliance to a wider audience. Collaborating with actor Kamal Haasan, he penned some of the most memorable Tamil comedies. Movies like "Apoorva Sagodharargal," "Michael Madana Kama Rajan," "Sathi Leelavathi," and "Vasool Raja MBBS" showcased his unique ability to blend humor with emotion seamlessly.

His dialogues, often filled with puns, double entendres, and clever wordplay, became iconic. Fans would eagerly await the next Crazy Mohan-Kamal Haasan collaboration, knowing they were in for a treat.

Legacy and Impact

Crazy Mohan's contribution to Tamil comedy is immeasurable. His work not only entertained but also brought families together, creating moments of shared laughter and joy. He was awarded several accolades throughout his career, including the Kalaimamani Award, recognizing his contributions to the arts. He was also awarded the Professional excellence award by The Governor of Maryland, USA for his outstanding contributions to Tamil literature, fine arts, theatres for more than 38 years.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mohan was known for his humility and kindness. He often credited his success to the support of his family and fans, maintaining a down-to-earth demeanor despite his fame.


Mohan was a donor and philanthropist for over 39 years. He contributed donations towards heart surgeries, kidney transplants from the proceeds from the sale of his drama tickets

Personal Life

Mohan was also an accomplished artist and a passionate devotee of Lord Krishna. His love for spirituality often found its way into his works, subtly weaving in messages of faith and devotion.  He was also an ardent follower of Ramana Maharishi. To quote him, "In the future, I would like to write about Ramana Maharshi.  ..I love to read, especially philosophy. I am so moved by his  life, so some day, I will write a sincere subject on his life."

Passing and Tributes

Crazy Mohan passed away on June 10, 2019, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and entertain. His death was a significant loss to the Tamil entertainment industry, but his work lives on, cherished by fans old and new.


Crazy Mohan's genius lay in his ability to find humor in the mundane and present it in a way that resonated with people across generations. His plays and films continue to be celebrated for their timeless appeal, a testament to his incredible talent and enduring legacy. Through his work, Crazy Mohan brought joy to countless lives, and his contributions to comedy will forever be remembered.