Medai Nadaga Mandram is a non-commercial volunteer-based creative art group passionate about creating and performing quality Tamil stage plays across North America. Rooted in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, MnM (as it is commonly known) goes beyond being just a theatrical ensemble; it is a movement dedicated to cultural preservation and community engagement. MnM stages plays in Tamil, bringing back the glory of Tamil stage drama while also supporting community causes. Here are some of their notable productions:

YAVANA: A play staged at the Historic Hoover Theater, which was sold out

Azhagu: A drama staged to support the Cancer Institute Foundation (WIA), Inc. fundraiser for early cancer detection centers.

Comedy Kalyanam: A hilarious Tamil stage drama restaged in Chennai featuring legendary artists like Shri. Delhi Ganesh, Shri. Kathadi Ramamurthy, Smt. Lavanya Venugopal, and Shri. TV Varadharajan, along with MNM Creation’s artists from the Bay Area.

Operation Kadhal: An entertaining Tamil stage drama that revolves around love, relationships, and the humorous situations that arise when people try to navigate matters of the heart.

Comedy Kalyanam: A hilarious Tamil Stage play blends comedy and drama, offering an engaging storyline that keeps the audience thoroughly entertained. The play explores love, relationships, and humorous situations.

Jameen Boy & Jamoon Girls: Tamil stage drama by MNM Creations.

TT Ravi


Raam Ganesan


Prasad Ramakrishnan